Your Starter Package includes a nutrition assessment and consult, lasting up to 1hr and 15 min, plus a complete starter nutrition plan delivered within 3 days of your consult.

Your nutritional goals will be front and center of this consultation. If you decide you need more time you are welcome to purchase top-up consultations when necessary or you can switch to the 3-hour package.

£100 / Can$150

Contact Jillian
to book your initial FREE phone call.

Your 3-Hour package combines Your Starter Package plus 1 hour 45 minutes of follow-up consults which can be booked in flexible time increments (from 15 minutes to 1 hour, between 8am and 8pm).

Your life is busy. Working with nutrition takes focus and a bit of trial and error. The extra time built into the 3-hour package gives you the opportunity to discuss what’s working and what needs further attention. I update your nutrition plan and add additional tools as we go. It’s all part of building a toolkit that works for you.

£250 / Can$400

Contact Jillian to book your initial FREE phone call.

Your 6-hour package is for those who want or feel they need an in-depth assessment and additional nutrition and coaching support as change is implemented.

As soon as you sign up you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire, which addresses current food and lifestyle patterns, your nutrition goals, an assessment of your strengths and how you generally go through change.

I will go through this with you during your first consultation, which typically lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes

Your first nutrition plan, which may include tools to help you stay on track during the initial phase, will be delivered within 3 days.

Our remaining time together can be booked in flexible time increments, from 15 minutes to 1 hour, between 8am and 8pm.

Our time will remain flexible throughout your package as your change process will be unique to you.

During your package you can send me up to 3 questions a day by email or text. I will respond to these as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Updated nutritional plans are delivered as necessary along with additional tools to help you stay on track. 

Once your 6 hours are complete you will be more confident in your knowledge and will be on your way to reaching your goals, having made successful nutritional changes.

You are welcome at that point to purchase 45-minute top-up consultations as needed at £80.

Because I work so closely with my 6-hour clients I limit the availability of this package to 6 people at any one time. You are welcome to go on a waiting list for a small fee of £20, which will be taken off the cost of your package.

£425 / Can$600

Contact Jillian to book your initial FREE phone call.

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