In your free 20 minute phone call we get to decide if we want to work together. You need to be comfortable with my approach and I need to be confident that I have the right tools for you.

Once we decide to work together, we pick the right package and determine if you want that package delivered via video link, in-person, by phone or in combination.

The first step is YOUR NUTRITION ASSESSMENT. The depth of that assessment depends on the type of package that you buy. All assessments include a detailed diet log and food likes and dislikes.

At this point in the process it is critical to focus on where you are today and where you want to go. We need to know your nutritional goal/s. We get to see how big or small the gap is so we can get prepared.

Think about holding an elastic band in your hands. Now stretch it. At one end is where you currently are. At the other end is where you would like to be. All that tension in-between is simply energy that can be used to pull you back or propel you forward.

Use this free template to explore where YOU are and where YOU want to go.

In Your Nutrition Toolkit we build a plan that propels you forward.

The second step is YOUR CONSULTATION. We bring the two experts together– you and me. We discuss how your life works, what your priorities are, what strengths you bring to the table, what typically gets in the way of your nutrition and how you like to make change.

This is my chance to discover how best to construct your personalized plan.

The third step is YOUR PLAN. Within 3 days of your initial consult I deliver a detailed nutrition plan plus additional tools that will help you stay on track.

The fourth step is IMPLEMENTATION. You get to practice your plan in your life. You get to see and feel what works, how it works, where you get stuck and what needs further adjustment. We talk about all this in your remaining time if you have signed up for either the 3 or 6-hour package.

Once your package is complete, I will always be available for YOUR TOP-UP CONSULTATIONS if needed. You decide.

Contact Jillian to book your initial FREE phone call.